Monday, October 16, 2017

How To Adhere Sequins Fast & Easy

Lisa here today to share a card I created using a few of ScraPerfect's products.
Do you have problems adhering small items, such as sequins, to your craft projects? I used to, but now I used Embellie Gellie and The Best Glue Ever.
Here is my card:

I used the Best Glue Ever to adhere my layers of paper together and then added some stitching. I love The Best Glue Ever with the No Clog Writing Cap for getting glue in small spaces such as the spider web.
To attach the sequins, I place a small dot of the Best Glue Ever on the card, using the stick with some of the Embellie Gellie in it, I pick up the sequin and place it on the glue. I find that if the glue has dried a bit, this works the best, because it is tacky instead of wet.

So next time you are adhering sequins, try these products!

How to Clean off That Messy Tape Residue the Easy Way!

Good morning crafter's today I am here to show you how to clean off messy tape residue the easy way! Since it's almost Halloween, I thought I'd show you on this neat little thrift store find! I love it!

In this photo the bowl doesn't look very big, but I can assure you it would hold a large bag of chips, candy or a large punch recipe. It's adorable!

The problem with it however is that at the thrift store they had taped the leg base, to the ceramic head, leaving tons of tape residue on the face.  

and on the back of the bowl. 

This type of thing would have normally drove me crazy, but I knew I had a secret weapon! The Best Cleaner Ever from ScraPerfect.  

I love their products because they are Environmentally responsible, and non toxic, plus they all work amazingly well. This cleaner has cleaned just about everything I have put it to the test with including markers, pine sap, paint, etc. It cleans ink off of your rubber stamps, and can even help remove hair dye from your hands, and face. 

I used just a tiny amount of spray and let it sit for about 5 minutes (longer maybe necessary if the stain, or residue has been on your item a long time or there is a larger amount of residue.) but as you can see in this photo all the tape residue is gone, and my bowl is nice and clean. You should rinse this product off after cleaning any food containers even though it's non toxic. 

As you can see it also did a fabulous job on the back of the bowl! 

So my little spider bowl is now happy as can be!

Here is a view of the inside and other side of my cute little bowl, and I don't even like spiders!

Well till next time Happy Scrapping, Love Penny 

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Spooktacular Halloween Wreath for Under $20 - Complete How To

Hello and welcome to the blog.  Shelly with you today with instructions for making this SPOOKTACULAR Halloween wreath - all for under $20 using Best Glue Ever and Embellie Gellie.

What I used:
  • Best Glue Ever
  • No Clog Writing Cap
  • Embellie Gellie
  • Wreath Form (Michael's with 50% coupon)
  • Feathered Raven (Michael's - on sale at 40% off, stacked a coupon for another 20% off -- they don't often allow this with their coupons!)
  • (3) Packs of Creepy Cloth (Dollar Store)
  • (3) Packs of feather and spider web butterfly clips (Dollar Store)
  • (3) Stems of black roses (Dollar Store)
  • Sequins and Dew Drops from my stash
What I did:

I love the how the Best Glue Ever can be used with delicate items in tight spaces with the No Clog Writing Cap. BGE dries COMPLETELY CLEAR which is always handy when you are working with predominately dark colors, loose weaves and items like sequins where the glue can seep through.
  • Cover your wreath form by wrapping it with the Creepy Cloth (secure end of wrap with Best Glue Ever on each piece - tip: allow BGE to become "tacky" before sticking cloth to it)
  • Clip stems from roses and attach with hot glue gun to lower half of wreath
  • Nestle raven in center of roses and secure with hot glue 
  • Clip butterflies randomly on your wreath

This wreath couldn't have been easier to create and really adds a wonderful spooky touch to my front door. I hope you are inspired to scour your Dollar Store for great wreath ideas!

Thanks for stopping by the blog today - have a creative week and get spooky!


How to Make a Quick and Easy Fall Card Using the Best Glue Ever

Kathy here from Create.365 sharing a unique way to color images on your cards and some tips for using the Best Glue Ever and the Perfect Crafting Pouch

This card will be one of the selections that the card making group from my local library will be making in November, so I tried to keep it fairly simple, while also teaching them something new at the same time. Using the wave cut paper trimmer to trim the rust panel is super simple and then embossing it with the swirling leaves folder gives it a beautiful pattern.

The card base is a cream top folding vertical A2 and I used the window punch in the bottom left corner to make the window for the sentiment. I then also punched the window out of mustard cardstock to stamp the words on.

Instead of coloring all the leaves and pumpkins that were randomly stamped across the card front, I used a pencil eraser like a stamp with the fall colors from the rainbow ink pad. I think it tends to gives it a very distinct and uniquely modern look. I wished afterwards that I would have just stuck to using only one color per leaf, but by then it was too late, lol. Oh well, there's always next time!

Now it's assembly time...Here's where the Best Glue Ever and the Perfect Crafting Pouch come in handy! I used the Best Glue Ever to glue everything down because using tape runner doesn't really work very well on textured things like a dry embossed panel like this one and the small nozzle on the bottle works perfectly to get just the smallest amount of glue on the back of that sentiment window piece. But even though I was very careful, I still had alittle of the glue ooze out around the sentiment because it was so skinny and since it dries clear, but tacky, I didn't want it to stick to the card front. So I gently tapped the Perfect Crafting Pouch over the remaining sticky parts and that quickly took care of the problem.

When I attached the sentiment, I made sure that it would line up with and show through the window that I punched in the card front.

 I also stamped another sentiment and several leaves on the inside of the card to finish the design off...turning it into a fall birthday card!

That's it for me today...thanks for sticking around and happy crafting with ScraPerfect~

Saturday, October 14, 2017

How To Make Stunning Wings with Beautiful Paper

The season would not be complete without a tutorial for how to make stunning wings with beautiful paper. Charity here, dragons are a big part of life at Hotrum Hold. The making of this pair of wings was watched with much anticipation. The model suggested flame pajama pants when invited to participate in this photo shoot.
~ Cosmic Dragon Wings ~  
Step 1: Draw wing skeleton and membrane onto paper. Cut out bone structure.
I wanted my wings as big as my foiled paper would allow. I cut paper to the size of a roll of Marigold Rinea Foiled Paper then drew a diagonal line across it. I drew (with many erasures and adjustments) a wing that fit on one side of this line.
 Step 2: Trace skeleton onto heavy cardboard or drawing board.
I picked up my drawing board from Michaels. This one was 16x20 and I was able to fit both wing skeletons. I flipped my drawing over and traced it again to get the pair of wings.
 Step 3: Cut wing from board using utility knife for best results.
The bone structure can certainly be cut with scissors, however, they bend cardboard and create creases. A utility knife uses pressure straight down and eliminates the extra stress. 
 Step 4: Paint wing skeleton.
I used DecoArt Acrylic paint in black satin. It took three coats of paint to satisfy me. I added one coat of paint to the edges of the board also. 
Step 5: Cut slits for harness. 
I cut four 1/2"x1/8" slits in the wide part of the bone structure for harness attachment.
Step 6: Trace outer edge of skeleton onto foiled paper. Fill in curves for membrane, cut, and glue.

I waited to trace the wing onto the foiled paper until my skeleton was finished. There are always little changes when transferring a design from paper to board. I didn't want to waste a scrap of my Rinea foiled paper.   
  Step 7: Trace skeleton onto contrasting foiled paper. Cut and glue to front of wings. Decorate. 
The back side of the wing has the black skeleton for definition. For the front I used Mocha Foiled Paper I punched suns, moons, and stars for membrane decor.   
To attach the Foiled Paper from the hefty skeleton to the tiniest star I used ScraPerfect's Best Glue Ever. I did have one or two "oops" moments that left sticky spots on my skeleton. Knowing these would dry to dull splotches I used ScraPerfect's Best Cleaner Ever to remove the glue spill.

 Step 7: Lace wings together with wide ribbon. 
Wrap ribbon over shoulders, across chest, and under arms to make a harness for wearing the wings. 

Each wing measure 22" from lower wing tip to upper harness corner and 16" from lower wing tip to claw. The handsome young man in the photo wears a men's size medium shirt. I was able to fit this pair of wings onto one roll of each color of foiled paper with careful placement.

Stop by my blog Scrappin' Chaos for a list of supplies.

Scrap On!


Friday, October 13, 2017

How to Clean the Bottom of your Pots & Pans Fast and Easy!

Hey there!
Lisa here today to share an easy way to clean the bottom of your pots and pans.
While camping this summer, I set my frying pan on the picnic table while we were making breakfast pudgy pies. Little did I know that I set it in what I think was pine pitch. It was sticky and soap and hot water didn't take it off. I set it aside and when I got home, I took The Best Cleaner Ever to it.
These are the before pics:

 I sprayed the Best Cleaner Ever on it and let it sit for 5 minutes:

I wiped it using a paper towel.

This was the result:

I sprayed it again and let it sit for 10 minutes and this was my final result:

And this was what the paper towel looked like after. 

The Best Cleaner Ever not only took the pine pitch off, but it also took off the black my gas stove left on it as well. I am so pleased with this product and plan on taking it to the bottom of my kitchen pots and pans as well!

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Remember The Now Mini Canvas How To Using The Best Glue Ever

Hello there, welcome to the ScraPerfect blog, Michelle here today to share an easy to create project, using some burlap & denim, embellishments, mini canvas, and the Best Glue Ever along with the No-Clog Writing Tip to put it all together.

The canvas I used is a 4x4 canvas. Other items I used for this project:

  • Burlap (scrap)
  • Denim (scrap)
  • Black Vellum Marker (works very well on fabric)
  • Embellishments 
  • Scissors.       

I first cut the burlap to fit on the front and all four sides, using the Best Glue Ever on the canvas, I applied the burlap to the canvas, *allowing "tack time" before adding the burlap.

While waiting for the burlap/BGE to set, I cut a heart from the scrap denim, and then used it, to cut the lace into a wider heart for layering with the denim. I also used the Best Glue Ever to adhere together these elements, and also to add them to the canvas.

For the metal embellishments, I used patina paste to give a weathered look to all metal embellishments, except for quote bar. Once again, I used the Best Glue Ever to ad these elements to the canvas. 

The finishing touches included a quote bar, "Remember The Now", that I added with ribbon, secured by stapling the ribbon to the back of the canvas. I also used the Best Glue Ever to add paper flowers.

I used one of ScraPerfect's No-Clog Writing Tips with the Best Glue Ever together on this projectallowing a more "precise" application of the glue, and greatly decreases wasting glue.

In this project, I demonstrated the various materials the Best Glue Ever works very well with, including burlap, denim, metal & paper embellishments. 

I hope you find yourself inspired to create some mini art for yourself. 

And if you haven't tried Best Glue Ever, what are you waiting for?

Here is the direct link to the ScraPerfect store where you can purchase Best Glue Ever
No-Clog Writing Tips and anymore innovative products for your crafting needs.

Thanks so much for stopping by today. If you would like to stay on top of all the projects by the talented ScraPerfect design team, or product updates, feel free to subscribe to the ScraPerfect blog.

Until next time.........Happy Crafting to You!

                                                        Michelle Wells